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"this is the best laptop of all time" - time magazine

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what is th
e freetop project? the freetop project is the project for a completely usable laptop for the price of $0, by getting free laptops, and cramming in random parts I have sitting around, and creating the best completely free laptops.

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the current freetop

offroad freetop v2.1

dell inspiron 6400 from my friends grandpa
- Core 2 DUO T2400 1.83GHz
- 100GB SATA HDD - Lubuntu 16.04 LTS (the unstoppable drive)
- Battery that lasts 5 minutes at best
- Battery wear according to hwinfo is 97.8%

things it can do
- browse the internet
- youtube works
- use "google docs"
- browse any website that doesnt suck that bad
- play minecraft 1.5.2, but poorly.
- do normal offline stuff
- overheat and have broken hinges

previous freetop
toshiba satellite a100 from joshua
- Intel Core 2 Duo T2500 2GHz - Nvidia Go 7600 256MB GPU
- 100GB HDD
- no battery

The specs are actually better but shut up
also that laptop weighed too much and locked up too often for too long
also its battery didnt work so when it randomly disconnected it would shut off
also i broke its screen on accident
i swear

the freetop is the best thing ever made

it's better than hihofrog250s $75top because it was free!!!!!!and has similar specs!!!!

from the time magazine article, they said that the freetop was "... the best laptop of all time". ITS REAL STOP SAYING IT ISNT

Alongside all of the competition in the completely dead laptop computer market, a new laptop brand emerges.

the freetop laptop. freetop inc is a company that takes used, old computers, upgrades them, and resells them at a cost of $0, making it the obvious first choice.

when comparing them with other $500 or even $1000 laptops, the freetop completely outperforms them by a impressive amout. this truly is the best laptop of all time

you can get your own freetop at 489 laurentian ct. you can PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TO FREETOP WE NEED IT. i mean uh, they need it. a lot. pls donate.

website: good://freetop

we're so popular we have fanart check out the cool fanart from k8yluv

wait what the frick was this drawn by a fricking furry???? AAAHHH

here are some reviews from our satisfied customers

Fatty Rages - 3 weeks ago
The Freetop is amazing! I have the special I <3 Salmon Arms edition and I must say it is the best laptop I have ever owned.

Salmon Arm - 3 weeks ago
OMG I have that same computer! I love Salmon Arms!

hello tv - 3 weeks ago
this would be awesome if it didnt suck so insanely incredibly mindblowingly much

Dvorak - 2 weeks ago
Thank you freetop!

garlicy - 6 days ago
Omg I can teleport and fly

shy shyaway - 3 weeks ago
Omg I can download free minecraft 1.91!1!1!!1 and ram!1!1!

Dule74 - 3 weeks ago
Best laptop i use it to hack

Dule74 - 3 weeks ago
i hacked nasa with html

Robkoa - 3 weeks ago

Robkoa - 3 weeks ago
i am living inside your walls

Guys thyank you for good reviews make sure to rate 5 stars and enjoy using laptop thanks guys.

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kevin the salmon king

shy shyaway
time magazine
hello tv
fatty rages
salmon arm

you CANNOT STOP the freetop

just on nov 25 2021, on the way to school, I think I rode my bike off of a curb, and my backpack opened. it was pissing rain that day and everything in my bag was completely soaked, including the freetop. When I got into class and opened the screen, water ran down and under the bezel. I pulled out the hard drive which was loose, and water came out of the bay. many people would have seen the end of their laptop before their eyes, but I knew. I knew the freetop was tougher than that. I knew it was not as it seemed.

And when I tried to power it on the next day, it fired right up.

just buy one already.

send money to 489 laurentian ct thanks

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